Written Publications

This page contains samples of my written publications. These articles were created primarily as schoolwork; however, I have also written online posts as part of my job. Please click on the following pictures to read the corresponding articles.

Wrote articles, designed layout, and created all content for this page of the East Texan Extra, March 2017
Wrote about the new men’s basketball coach. Story appeared on the front page of The East Texan, April 6, 2017.
Designated Survivor
Wrote review of the new television series “Designated Survivor.”  Article appeared on page 6 of The East Texan, April 27, 2017.
Athletic Referendum
Wrote editorial on recent athletic referendum. Article appeared on page 2 of The East Texan, April 6, 2017.
Wrote game recap for KETR.org. Story published September 17, 2016 – picture credit lionathletics.com

Slider Dinger
Wrote game recap of the Lions softball series played at no. 1 ranked Angelo State.  Article appeared on page 8 of The East Texan, April 27, 2017. Picture credit – lionathletics.com